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CF9700 Tshirt Printer

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  • Brand:    coltex
  • Type:    CF9700
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Max.printing resolution 2880DPI,Max.printing width A3、A4A
Model                                     CF-9700
Printhead                                2-8pcs Industrial Starfire Printhead
Resolution                               600*800dpi
Print Mode                               3/4/6pass
Max Production Output              Light garments: up to 120pcs/hr
                                              dark garments: up to 60pcs/hr
Carriage Height                        2-30mm
Ink Circulation                         built-in 
Ink Type                                 Pigment,Reactive,Acid,Disperse
Ink Channels                           C,M,K,Y,Royal Blue, Orange, Red, Gray and Green
Ink Supply                              Ink Pump, Automatic Degass and Automatic Negative Pressure
Humidity                                Contactless Way
Printing Area                          400*500mm/ 700*900mm
Printable Substrates                Garment,Cutting Piece
Operation System                   Windows 7
Power Supply                         AC 220V
Power                                   1KW
Machine Dims                        193.5mm*230mm*146mm
Compressed Air Pressure         Flow0.6m³/min,7MPA
Operating Conditions              20-25℃,RH 60%-80%

It adopts high-resolution industrial printhead, variable ink drop size 2.5PL to 30PL.
Support CMYK and CMYK+LCLM+ORBL,a variety color options;
Available to print on cotton, silk, flax, wool, nylon, polyester, blended fabrics etc;
High-quality directly to garment printing, no need sizing, steaming, soaping, stereotypes and other 
complex processes, no waste water;
Friendly to environment during the entire production process , 3-4 color fastness , good breathability, 
fantastic hand feel;
Free plate making, cheap cost and fast output, capable to handle small batch orders;
Environmentally-friendly textile ink, no smell, no volatilization, no formaldehyde and other harmful 
substances to the body;
USB3.0+1.25G high-speed fiber bi-directional communication to ensure stable and high-speed data 
Support water based pigment, reactive and disperse inks;
Printing area up to 700X900mm;
A variety of platen size available to replace including 400X500mm, 700X900mm;
Simple and fast printing process: spreading-printing-drying-delivery;
Intelligent automatic switch platen, save time, trouble free, save space;
Maximum production capacity 120 pcs/hour;
Support different types of applications, compatible garment and cutting piece;
Non-stop production mode, automatic switch the dual platen;

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